SizeGenetics compared to Surgery for Penile Enlargement

It seems that you are part of the 80 percent of guys who want a bigger penis. So, now you want to find out how to get those extra inches. Two of the top choices to get a larger penis are through surgery or to employ Size Genetics, a penile traction mechanism. The following will show a comparison of both and the pros and cons of each method:
  • Penile Surgery is very expensive and can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. You will also need to hire a surgical staff of physicians and need to be put under general anesthesia to do the surgery. When it comes to the final tally, it will be thousands more dollars and that is due to the cost of the physicians, the hospital fees, and the operation itself.
How does this compare with SizeGenetics? SizeGenetics is much less costly than the surgical procedure and it wins the contest for price easily!
  • How about the end result? Since it cost so much to do penile surgery, you would think it has to be worthy of that expense, right? Well, you would be wrong. There are many cases of this type of surgery ending up causing more problems instead of giving you a larger penis. The truth is that over 66 percent of men undergoing penile surgery are not satisfied with the end result. Some even came out of the deal with a misshapen penis!
Penile operations to make a man’s penis bigger can and do have complications and a man can even end up with a penis that doesn’t work at all! He can lose the blood circulation in his penis, or have it injured or misshapen, or the tip and length could be damaged, etc. There is no guarantee of successful outcomes at all! Quite a few physicians warn men not to have penile surgery and up to 95 percent of those who do are not satisfied a year later. However, SizeGenetics has undergone scientific tests to show that it is totally safe and has assisted multiples of guys in getting a bigger penis that is much longer by inches. There isn’t any bad effects, no danger and best of all it doesn’t hurt. All you get is a penis that is up to three inches longer after a few weeks of use.
  • What is the danger?  Studies have shown that penile operations are very risky. If something goes wrong during the surgery, not much can be done to fix it. So, the man that meets this misfortune will have a misshapen penis forevermore. Plus, there is also of course the normal risks of surgery that all types of operations can include.
This means that if a man has high blood pressure, a heart problem, or may be allergic to medications for anesthesia, then he can’t have the operation at all anyway. However, when you compare SizeGenetics, you will find out that it has a six month no hassle guarantee and there has never been any problems reported about it that can harm your penis or your health. Just about all men are able to employ this fantastic product and just have to follow the easy directions included. The only requirement is that the penis is about three inches long or more when it is not aroused.
  • What about being able to get your money returned?  Penile operations are extremely expensive. But even so, if you don’t like the end result, you can’t do much about that. You can’t get your money back for the operation and many guys have ended up with a misshapen penis and being broke and penniless besides.
SizeGenetics believes in their device to the point that they will give you a complete 180 day guarantee from the day you buy it. Plus, if you also mail them pictures of your penis before you start and afterwards, you can also get your money back. This means you get that glorious huge penis for no cost at all! All of this means that choosing either SizeGenetics or a penile operation is easy. Operations are costly, dangerous and are not guaranteed. But SizeGenetics is medically shown to be safe for use, and proven to have helped thousands of guys get a bigger penis and be able to get better sexual performance to boot. Don’t waste your hard earned cash or your health and manhood with dangerous surgery that may harm instead of help your penis get bigger! Just buy Sizegenetics instead and you will happily have a larger penis that works better and is healthier than ever before.

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