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Can Certain Foods Help Me To Get A Bigger Penis?

Bigger PenisAlthough, no specific food item is identified for impacting the size of the penis but, it is observed that the quality of diet that you choose can certainly have an impact on the functioning of the organ.

Even when you take the help of external sources such as extenders you have to keep in mind they need a healthy body to give the correct results. Extenders normally work by increasing the flow of blood to your penis. In case, your blood vessels are clogged due to excessive intake of fat there is no way that you can get the desired results after using the extender. It is the same mechanism as is followed with your other body parts like heart.


What Practises Can Give Me a Healthy Erection?

First and foremost you have to remember that penis is a part of your body, and so like the other body part it too needs a good supply of blood. When you see that an unhealthy diet has the possibility of affecting your heart or liver, you also need to think that it can also hamper with the healthy functioning of your sexual organs.


Try and follow some of these alternate dietary practises and you will soon spot that eluding vigour of your Penis:

  • Make fresh fruit and plenty of vegetables an essential part of your diet
  • Limit the intake of red meat and lower the consumption of fish and chicken
  • Oats tend to make healthy and filling eating substitutes unpolished or processed wheat grains too can be opted for same reason.
  • For a healthy functioning of your body you have to lower the count of food products containing refined sugars, which are made up of white flour and also things which are deep fried and fall in the category of junk food.
  • Your body mechanism also needs multivitamins and minerals in your choice of diet. While generally iron intake is generally stressed upon, you also need to take care of the level of zinc.
  • Smoking is one of the most harmful hindrances to your healthy existence. As an after effect of this bad habit, the capillaries and arteries of the body shrink and this leads to the reducing of the supply of oxygen in the blood.


What are the other options for me?

While a dietary regulation makes the penis strong, the needed vigour which helps in making it large and also perform better can be brought with the help of some externals elements. Options like penis exercises and penis pumps can be helpful. External devices like, penis extenders are also possible supports. In some cases options like a surgery to enlarge penis is also suggested. However, each of these methods comes with its own pros and cons.

  • Penis Extender

This is a device which works by providing a sustained tension on the corpora cavernosa inside the penis. The traction results in the breaking and replicating of cells and enables a higher blood flow in the penis. This leads to erections which are powerful and last longer. The device is helpful in straightening the curvatures of penis and also increasing the size.

Advantages: The biggest positive of the devise is that gives the much needed additional inches to the penis and it has also been medically proven. A study has revealed that wearing this for some considerable 4-9 hours every day for about 6 months can actually give 2.6 to 2.8 cm gain which lasts for some months after the use us stopped.

Disadvantage: The medical guarantee is not same for all extenders because the material used for the production is not good. So, always use the best and double checked to look whether it marked as Type 1 Medical material. Also, check if the device gives a scope of getting the money back even after 6 months. The best quality devices are also certified by independent medical studies. You can look for more information in www.sizegenetics.com


  • Penis Pump

This device enables to surround the penis by a vacuum as a result of which higher amount of blood flows into the penis. The effect of this device, giving the penis a good length and thickness, lasts for a short time.

Advantage: It creates an immediate strong erection which is given a sudden boost to the size.

Disadvantage: This sudden rush of blood can result in damaging the blood vessels in the organ.


  • Penis Exercise:

This is a combined use of the jelqing and kegel techniques. These techniques result in stretching and strengthening of the penis. This repetition motion which is similar to milking enhances the flow of blood and thereby enlarges the penis.


Advantages: This kind of exercise sometimes makes the penis look bigger as the part which is usually retained in the body protrudes out.

Disadvantage: The result of this technique lasts for a short while and is often instrumental in reducing the ejaculation prematurely. It can also improve the strength of erection and also the stamina.


  • Surgery for Penis Enlargement:

This process involves the highest cost and risk amongst all. It gives a variety of choices which can provide that additional inch to the penis. The kind of surgeries involve cutting of the suspensor ligament, insertion of tubes which can be inflated, or also to changing the size by grafted skin.


Advantage: In this kind of penis surgery you can comment on the size of penis you want, also the results can be long lasting too.

Disadvantage: You also run the risk of ending up deforming your penis or any other type of scar like, when the suspensor ligament is cut your penis can refuse to point when it undergoes an erection.

Or if too much air is inflated in the tube it can result in damaging the testicles because often the pump insertion is through the testicles to reach the penis.

Or if the additionally attached grafted skin does not receive ample flow of blood, the skin can die and thus the penis can look deformed.


Thus, there are means to enhance the size of the penis. While a healthy eating habit is ‘the’ most important aspect, it also equally important to choose the correct technique which is best suited to your body. All these things will cumulatively add to build your confidence level.

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